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Situated within the rural enclave of Lafleche in the heart of south-central Saskatchewan, our tight-knit crew at Trigo Food + Drink consists of a mere four dedicated individuals. Our fervor for diverse culinary delights knows no bounds, as we harbour a profound affection for gastronomy spanning the globe. Our mission revolves around curating one-of-a-kind, indelible dining experiences.

Whether you're planning a romantic evening, a gathering with friends, or a special celebration, Trigo Food + Drink is the perfect destination. Immerse yourself in our cozy ambiance, savour the delectable dishes, and create lasting memories.



Let us take your taste buds around the world!

From our little pocket of Saskatchewan we bring the world to you through our International
Tasting Menus. In our travels we have been fortunate to experience many different cuisines,
many of which deserve to be sampled and appreciated. In an effort to bring different culinary
experiences from across the globe we offer Tasting Menus, generally between 5-9 courses,
that change every 4-5 months. We endeavour to provide a unique dining experience where
you will be able to taste a wide range of dishes from a particular cuisine. To complement your
experience we also source country specific beverages for a particular menu as well as develop
unique cocktails that showcase a particular country. We also develop extensive Tasting Notes
that accompany our menu. These Notes provide more information about each dish, including
ingredients, cooking methods, pictures, and some history.

As of late 2023 we have featured 8 different International Tasting Menus, ranging from
French to Thai and Spanish to Lebanese. You can see all of our previous menus here

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